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Date: very day

Subject: The destruction of the Kirkuk Castle by the Iraqi regime.

Ancient historical sites, such as the great Kirkuk Castle, define the identity of its people and because of this, such sites must be protected for future generations.

Today the Iraqi regime has set about destroying the Kirkuk Castle. Mohammed Fadhil and Mahmud El-Kurdi are carrying out the demolition of the castle, authorized by the Iraqi regime.

The destruction of the castle is a result of a chauvinistic plan by the Iraqi regime to wipe out all traces of Kurdish history and achievements. Sites such as this should be protected as it bears fine examples of past architecture and way of life.

The Kirkuk Castle has a floor space of over 250,000mē and is the largest castle in Kurdistan and probably one of the largest in the world. The Kirkuk Castle has a history of over 5000 years, it was the capital of the Gotti Empire over 4200 years ago. The Gotti Empire, after destroying the Akadians, expanded to all of present-day Iraq and lasted for just under 100 years. Before 5000 years and until the twentieth century the Kirkuk Castle has been the center of empires, and like the Hawler (Arbil) Castle, there are more historical sites within and in immediate surroundings, it includes churches, mosques, houses, shops and other buildings.

We strongly protest against the destruction of the Kirkuk Castle and call upon His excellency secretary general of the UN, all world leaders, UNESCO, museums, architects and art lovers to help by pressuring the Iraqi regime to put an Immediate end to the destruction work being carried out.

Yours Sincerely

Kamal N.Jamili

Dear  Sir/Madam 

Please send this page for your local MP or goverment to support Kurdish people???!!!